The Podcast…

Airs every day at 4PM(MEZ), 10AM(EST)
sometimes with Videos and other extras…
be prepared.

By The Potato Crew

This is the Potato Crew. We upload all information online and we answer all of your questions...

6 replies on “The Podcast…”

What a great idea put into ACTION! Podcasts, own website, logos and accompanying soundtracks!
So proud – makes me want to do the PotatoPod Dance!
Looking forward to more topics you like to podcast about,
a GIANT fan, Hobbes

Thank you for sharing your talents and interests!
This is a shout out to the creators of this podcast
AND all those individuals supporting others and/or
finding a cure for covid-19!

Episode 2 – I found the page of recipes you reference and was also inspired to find the recipe of my favourite (potato) meal in Iceland, Plokkfiskur…can’t wait to try some of these at home!

Episode 3 – definitely advantages & disadvantages, but worth trying to reduce the spread of the virus!

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